Now that you’ve narrowed down your college search, it’s time to know the details.

What degree do they offer in your field?

You need to know the differences!

What does it cost?

Don’t stop at tuition. Itemize and add up any costs: fees, room & board, books & miscellaneous requirements…

Are there financial aid opportunities? When are those applications due?

Scholarships, grants, loans, work study - know your options. Does the school award scholarships solely based on need, or are there additional opportunities?

When does the application period open and close?

START EARLY. You’ll be so glad you did!

Is the school part of the common application?

Don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute because you thought it was…

Do they require prescreening? What is that deadline?

Many BFA programs require you to submit a (typically video) prescreen audition before inviting you to the (typically live) actual audition. Requirements for the prescreening process vary greatly so read each school’s instructions carefully. The deadline for these submissions are in the fall.

When and where are the auditions?

Most schools will travel to at least a few destinations to make it easier for more people to have a live audition. Find out if they will be in a town near you, or if you need to make a trip to them. Generally, you need to apply before you are able to schedule your audition; take care of this early to assure yourself a slot!

If they accept video auditions, what is the deadline to post them?

Not all schools do. Make sure you know who does and doesn’t to avoid serious disappointment. Who’s going to take the video? Where are you going to shoot it? It doesn’t need to be professional quality, just plan ahead!

What is the music requirement for the audition?

How many songs? How long should each selection be? Do they want songs from different genres or time periods? Are there any songs they ask you to avoid? Does the sheet music need to be presented to the accompanist in a certain way? Will there be an accompanist provided?

What is the monologue requirement for the audition?

How many? How long? Specific time periods or writers? Do they suggest any writers or plays to look at or avoid?

Any other audition requirements?

Do you need to dance? Take an ear or theory test? Schedule a separate interview? …

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COUNSELORS at your current school and especially at the institutions you are considering. Remember, every question has an answer, and at each school there is a person whose job it is to make sure you have the information you need. When you need help, pick up the phone and call them!

Use the worksheet attached to help you keep track of these details.

Download a PDF worksheet to help you keep track of these details.

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